Holiday Countdown

‘Tis the season to be jolly! The holidays are a time of joy and a time to celebrate life with family and friends. We are all busy with parties, concerts, decorating, baking cookies, traveling, eating lots of rich food and making holiday traditions and memories. We have been good (well most of the year), and now we just want to let loose and have fun. But then January rolls around and we have a few extra pounds on. Not to worry it is normal to crave warmer heavier foods this time of year, it is in our DNA.  The problem is that many of us do not take the extra weight we gained off after the holidays, so what was a 2 pound weight gain 5 years ago is now a 10 pound weight gain. Get the picture??Waistline

But what if there was a way to still enjoy the holiday season without gaining those extra pounds. I am not proposing anything outrageous here, we are not going to deprive ourselves and then eat everything in sight at our next holiday party or live on green smoothies (though they will be in the mix).  But we are going to practice being mindful, present and grateful as well as making some healthy food and exercise choices along the way.

Join me for my 21 Day Holiday Countdown this season! Let yourself be in the driver’s seat not your emotions or your food.

Like my other programs you will receive a daily email from me to keep you on track. I will provide nutritional information, exercise tips and suggestions on how to keep your emotions in check and your energy high! There will be recipes and supplements to make your palette happy and your energy up. Private group Facebook page so you can share with others in the group. There is no sugar detox involved, I will save that for January. I want you to enjoy the season without going overboard!

STARTS: Wednesday December 2 – 22nd
PRICE: $95 pp + supplements (If you use the brand I recommend, I will take $20 off and the program will cost only $75)

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